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This category contains WisVote Learning demos, tutorials and manuals which are organized by WisVote manual chapters.

Accessing and Navigating WisVote. Plus More...

Voter Registration and Records. Reg List Alerts and DMV Checks. Plus more

Absentee Applications, Ballots, Reports and much more.

Learn about Polling Places, Polling Place Locations, Election Plans, Set Up Election Plans, Poll Books, Office Positions and Care Facilities.

Learn about Recording Votes, Entering EDRs, Election Day Registration, Provisional Voting, Tracking Provisional Ballots and Election Related Reports.

Learn about Districts/Mapping Overview, Create an Address, Edit an Address, Address Exceptions & Issues, Assign a Care Facility to an Address and Address Functions on Voter Screens.

Learn to Update Clerk Training Information, Clerk Training and Election Worker Management.