Data Entry Access - Certification

This is a dynamic certification page.  For your convenience the required learning resources are linked to their respective videos. *New: Data Entry Access - WisVote Certification page is here  The certification forms are now presented for your agreement immediately when you enter the WisVote website.


           Data Entry Access Certification

**The training plan outlined below can be customized by the clerk depending on the entity tasks you need to perform in WisVote**


Address Management


Intro: Wisconsin Election Training – TLC

Address Overview  (optional)


Client Access License

Create an Address


WisVote Login & Permissions

Edit an Existing Address


Multi-Factor Authentication-FIDO Key

Address Functions on Voter Screens


Navigating WisVote

Districts/Mapping Overview   (optional)




Voter Management

Absentee Voting


Voter Management Overview   (optional)

Absentee Voting Overview  (optional)


Voter Registration I & II

Add an Absentee Application


Registration List Alerts  (optional)

Absentee Administration (Not In-Person)    (optional)


DMV Checks  (optional)

Issue Absentee Ballot I & II



Generate Absentee Labels ( optional)


Record Returned Ballots


Add a Care Facility  (optional)





Post-Election Activities

 WisVote Security Series 


Post-Election Activities Overview  ( optional)

Securing WisVote


Record Votes

WisVote Access Policy


Election Day Registration

Phishing Facts 

Password Protocols

Browsing Safely

Computer Safeguards

Certification Forms

 Security Incidents

Data Entry Access Certification 


Request to Add Authorized User in TLC




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